Chocolate Sable Sammies Another Quick Post

Today I made chocolate sables, mini cookies that are similar to shortbread. I used the recipe from another new book I got, Miette. Overall, it’s a really cute book, although I was wary that there were a couple reviews online about the book having typos or mistakes here and there. Knowing this, I decided to pick a simple recipe to try out first, and I’d say it went pretty well.


I took the cookies and sandwiched them with some leftover raspberry mousse I had from another project


Assembling the ingredients. I liked this recipe because it was pretty simple and I didn’t have to go out of my way (or out of my budget) to buy any specialty items.


Rolling out the dough. With this recipe (or with any rolled cookie recipe) it’s probably a good idea to let the dough rest before rolling it out so that it’s not so dry or soft.


Sprinkling them with some sugar before popping it in the oven


The yummy results! I wanted to use up that leftover raspberry mousse, but these cookies are good enough on their own. They came out super tender and not overly sweet, and the addition of dark chocolate really brought out the flavor as opposed to using cocoa powder alone. I had to add an extra tablespoon or so of butter just to help bring the dough all together, but overall I’m still pretty satisfied with this recipe. Plus, they’re so cute!


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