Marble Cake Mishaps and Family Time

This week I spent both my days off visiting family and just catching up on everyone’s lives. Working two jobs doesn’t give you much time for family, so I definitely enjoyed it, plus I got to see my bunny again, which always makes me happy. Yesterday my cousin and I wanted to make marble cake, so we used the recipe from Buttered Up and just went for it. Neither of us has made it before, but the recipe didn’t seem too intimidating.


The marbling actually looks a lot better than I expected it to; you can’t really predict what you get since you basically just stick a knife in there and swirl it around in random directions


Creaming the butter and sugar (actually it was margarine, which explains the ungodly yellow color, but that was all they had!)


Me looking dissatisfied with my aunt’s new Sunbeam mixer. KitchenAid all the way, people!


Buttering the pans


Filling up the pans waaay too high


The aftermath. Oops…


Still good! And no one has to see the little mess we made as long as we clean it up…


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