Breakfast, Cake, Chocolate, fruit

Epic Breakfast, Chocolate Moelleux, and a Long Week

This week I was scheduled to work 8 days straight at the resort, so unfortunately future posts this week will probably come around Thursday or Friday instead of the usual Monday/Tuesday. This week is also Newport Beach Restaurant Week, which means more work at the restaurant! But aside from all that unpleasantness, I am definitely looking forward to some overtime pay.

Robert wanted to take care of today’s epic breakfast, and I gladly let him. One thing he is really good at is making omelets, and today it was a chili cheese omelet.


Cheesy deliciousness.


Soo bad for your body but so good for your soul!

Next we have a chocolate moelleux with vanilla bean pomegranate sauce and blueberries. The batter for this cake is something we always keep on hand at work, where they bake it in really petite molds, top it with a raspberry, pistachios, and glaze. Unlike a typical moelleux batter, they also use a large amount of almond paste in the batter, which gives it a dense consistency not unlike that of a brownie.


The sauce turned out a lot better than I thought, and I definitely like that pale pink tone.


I like to tell myself that that this dessert is healthier because the almonds, blueberries, and pomegranate pack it with antioxidants. It’s good for me, I say!


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