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Epic Meal and a Trip to the Beach

I’ve really only ever bought one thing from Williams-Sonoma, but for at least a year now they’ve continued to send me catalogs. Usually I would quickly flip through the magazine, sigh, and look at things I wish I could afford. This time though, they didn’t skimp on the recipes, so I decided to try one out and see how it went. Today Robert and I made Pasta alla Carbonara, which turned out to be simple but very flavorful.


The ingredients: Pecorino Romano, pancetta, eggs, spaghetti, and olive oil.


Frying the pancetta until golden brown


The results. Did not skimp on the extra pecorino and red pepper flakes! This was a really good recipe, and even though it had eggs, pork, and pasta, did not feel heavy at all, which I definitely liked.

After eating, we spent the rest of the day at the beach, admiring the (surprisingly!) good weather.


One good thing about living in Orange County is that you’re always minutes from the ocean.


After a long work week, a trip to the water is just what we needed (:


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