Fashion, Sewing

Something Borrowed, Something Blue

While browsing the internet looking at dresses (okay, okay, I was looking at wedding dresses. So shoot me!) I decided to look up some of the dresses I’ve seen on Taylor Swift; she never fails to have impeccable taste and a very girly, flirty style that I have always liked. So when I came across this dress:


I immediately fell in love with the fact that it’s cute, sexy, and flirty all in one, without being overly revealing. Well as it turns out, the woman has expensive taste. $381USD?! Definitely not within my budget for any item of clothing. I decided that it’s time to take up sewing again!


After I moved out of my parent’s house, I couldn’t take my sewing machine with me, so I borrowed my cousin’s machine and got to work!


After a long break from sewing, I think I made a pretty good replica, despite the fact that I pretty much just winged the whole thing. I won’t lie though; I wrecked the zipper. I basically forgot how to sew one in! I also realized it would probably be helpful if I owned an iron and ironing board. This dress made for some good practice though, and here’s hoping for more practice in the future. Happy sewing!


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