Epic (Spam) Breakfast of the Week


Spam gets a bad rep. It seems to be thought of as an unidentifiable mystery meat in a can, but as someone who grew up eating the stuff, I will proudly say I love it! When I moved out of my parents house, one of the very simple joys I missed about that place (aside from my rabbit) is just having Spam and rice for breakfast.

Today Robert and I made Spam Musubi for breakfast, basically a Spam sushi of sorts.


Short grain rice, nori, spam, and teriyaki sauce


Carmelizing the meat


Our epic breakfast awaits. We didn’t have a plastic musubi mold so Robert came up with a makeshift one out of plastic wrap and as you can see, it worked perfectly! Although Spam musubi is a fairly simple food, it has never failed to satisfy my hunger, and leave me a happy tummy (:


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