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Epic (Creole) Breakfast

Yesterday for breakfast Robert and I made a shrimp and sausage jambalaya. We put this recipe to the test, and it didn’t disappoint!


Southern trinity of aromatics, minus the celery because I forgot to put it in the picture, hahha. Also, a ton of garlic, because I love me some garlic.


Toasting the rice after adding the tomato paste. I love the orange/gold color that it turned when the tomato started cooking.


After adding the liquids and the sausage.


The results. So I’ll admit that I did take a couple shortcuts here, mainly because I wanted to use what I had on hand. Also, instead of the traditional Andouille sausage I used chicken sausage, which is probably blasphemy down in Louisiana but I’m trying to save money here! Regardless of the minor substitutions, the jambalaya still tasted amazing, and I even added a few dashes of jabanero powder to kick the spice up a notch.


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