Candy, fruit

Poire Williams and Vanilla Bean Pâte de Fruit

Yesterday Robert and I made a pear and vanilla bean pâte de fruit, which is basically a fruit candy that is cooked and thickened with pectin, a gelling agent derived from citrus fruits and typically used in jams and jellies.


Heating up the pear puree. I used the recipe from and divided it in half, thinking it was a large recipe. Turns out my understanding of grams was way off, haha.


Reducing and thickening. This was the longest part. The mixture had to reach 220 degrees, and we were probably stirring that pot for around 30 minutes just for it to reach that last 10 degrees! Another thing that I should note is that it’s important to move the thermometer so that you can stir underneath it! Otherwise it will result in some heavy burning on the bottom of the pot, which is no bueno.


After pouring the mixture on a sheet pan and letting it firm up for 24 hours, we finally got to cut it into little squares.


After a nice toss in some sugar.


The results. The vanilla bean gave it a good amount of warmth which cut down the tartness of the fruit well and gave it a nice rounded flavor. Overall I enjoyed this recipe, and would definitely try it again, maybe even in a bigger batch!


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