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Quick Dress in a Day

This week I decided it was time to take a short break from all the wedding planning. I’m beginning to think that too much excitement gets overwhelming sometimes! Since Robert and I happened to both have Monday off work, we decided it was time to make another visit to Downtown LA, and this time I wanted to go to Fashion District.

One of my favorite stores in Fashion District happens to sell fabric by the pound, so expect a few more sewing posts in the coming weeks (I bought 8 lbs of fabric! yayy!).


A few days ago I saw Moschino’s Cheap & Chic Belted Crepe Tunic Dress, and I knew it was what I wanted to make. Plus, £355? Really?? I think we can bring that number down!


Seeing as how I already have 3 pink dresses, I opted for a pale sage green instead. I’d say my attempt was pretty successful! The fabric feels amazingly soft and light, and I feel good about keeping this dress in my everyday wardrobe.


I didn’t use a pattern for this dress and basically just winged it, but I’d say it looks pretty amazing for something that only took 2 hours to make. And to be honest, it probably would have taken less time if I didn’t have so much trouble figuring out all the right side/wrong side nonsense!

Sooo, let’s see:

Moschino dress: £355.00 or about $467.43USD

Faux crepe fabric: about $3.00USD (I paid $2.50/lb)

I’d say I saved a pretty penny, wouldn’t you?


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