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Red Hots

Last night I finished making another dress with some of the fabric I bought from LA, and I’d say it turned out pretty successful!

I attempted to make it look like this Sessun dress from Urban Outfitters:



BUT since the fabric is a semi-sheer (and luxuriously soft!) cotton blend, I also decided to kind of close the back a little because there is no way on earth that I would wear that stuff without a bra (sorry, boys!)

So, with a little inspiration from this dress:


I knew what I wanted to do 🙂


Red isn’t a color that I typically wear (too flashy!), but I thought it would be nice to have one dress that’s an attention grabber, without being too revealing.


Another view of the front


View of the back. As it turns out, sitting in the car too long makes for a wrinkly dress. Well now I know! I really enjoyed making this dress; the only problems that I had were making the buttonholes. Apparently the fabric was too thin for my machine to make proper buttonholes with, so I ended up having to hand stitch them. NOT something I would recommend as my hand stitching is painfully ugly. Thankfully the buttons cover that!

Soo, let’s review:

Sessun Dress: $282 USD

Fabric ($2) + buttons ($9): $11 USD

Hopefully this post will inspire any amateur sewers out there to make (and wear!) their own stuff, and I hope you guys enjoyed!


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