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High-Waisted Shorts and a Tale of Revenge

Last week I went out with a friend to a very well-known and high end shopping center in southern cali, which will remain unnamed for the story’s sake (hint: it has the same initials as the phrase “Some Cats Poop.”). Anyway, we were shopping around and came across the store Zara, where I spotted and quickly fell in love with these shorts.


But alas, a dilemma arose when I saw the price tag. $40 for a pair of shorts that I could probably only wear during summer? I have a wedding to save up for, dammit, and here these shorts are, flaunting around their cuteness in front of me while I tried to hold back my impulse-buying senses. I decided to shop around to other stores before committing.

After shopping around, I decided that I NEED these shorts. Like, NOW. I head back to Zara, only to find that they are closing. I walk into the store, only to be promptly turned away by an employee.

“But I know what I want! I’m just gonna get one thing!”

“Sorry, WE’RE CLOSED.”

Well sheesh. There was certainly no need for raising your voice, and I was immediately off-put by her rudeness, almost angered by it. If someone came into my restaurant 1 minute before closing, we would still have sat him and offered him a menu as if he were the first person there, because that’s just good service, and I shouldn’t have to tell that to anyone working at SCP!

So, I was on a mission. What was the next best thing I could do? Make’em of course!


I was certainly not going back to that place after that incident, so I furiously perused the interwebz for a free shorts pattern. I have never made shorts before, so it was somewhat of a challenge, but luckily I came across Danielle’s free pattern on Burdastyle. The pattern is actually for spandex volleyball shorts, but could be easily adjusted for what I wanted to achieve.


Close-up of the buttons. I opted for a soft, stretchy camel-colored fabric; I wanted something neutral that could easily transition between any season.


Et voila! I’ll admit that at first the pattern was a tad intimidating, as I haven’t used a sewing pattern in over 3 years. At first it was like I was cutting out a puzzle piece from hell, as I couldn’t quite figure out what piece goes where, but once I got it down it was actually quite simple. I adjusted it to make it high-waisted by adding a few inches to the top, and also added a few inches to the sides as the pattern is only offered in size small. I love that it came out looking very 1940’s-esque.


So take that and shove it, snooty Zara saleswoman! I don’t need your overpriced clothing! Just kidding; I’ll probably go back another time wearing some sort of disguise, just so you don’t recognize me as the girl who tried to sneak in while you were about to close.


One thought on “High-Waisted Shorts and a Tale of Revenge

  1. Nicely done. They turned out really well. I also try to make things when they are more then I want to pay. Nine times out of ten, I don’t get around to it, but it’s the one time I do that keeps me motivated. I especially love that you had a good dose of moral justice on your side. All that was missing was the Pretty Women moment where you walk back in the store, arms laden with handmade fashion to clarify that she gets paid by commission and tssk in pity.

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