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Make Your Own [Vegan] Marshmallow Fondant


If you’ve ever used fondant before, whether it was to enrobe a cake or add a bit of flair to a cupcake, you probably already know that the stuff’s expensive. Besides, why use over-priced and dried out fondant when you can make your own? What I like about this recipe is that even if you’re not vegan, it works just as well with normal marshmallows and now that summertime is approaching, marshmallows are dirt cheap at the grocery!


What you’ll need:

10 oz vegan marshmallows (I used Dandies from Whole Foods)

18 oz powdered sugar

3 Tablespoons water

A bowl for an electric mixer, along with a paddle attachment

A large pot with 1″ of water (pot needs to be large enough to fit the bowl over)

A rubber spatula

*I’ve also seen some people add a tablespoon or so of vegetable shortening, which doesn’t seem like a bad idea but I opted not to use it this time


Step 1: Melt down your marshmallows

Bring your pot of water to a boil, then place your bowl with marshmallows on top and stir as it melts. I have seen a few recipes that tell you to microwave the marshmallows, but as someone who’s burnt a thing or two in the microwave (sighh…) this is just the safest option, and also the cleanest as you will be using the same bowl to mix it later.


Step 2: Add your water and stir!

Stir together the marshmallows and water until the mixture is fully incorporated and there are no more lumps.


Step 3: Mix in powdered sugar.

Place your bowl in your mixer with the paddle attachment, and with the mixer on the LOWEST setting, slowly add your powdered sugar. It will look really dry for the first few seconds, but it should come together and begin looking like a dough. Mix just until it looks like everything is combined.


Step 4: Knead and rest!

Remove dough from bowl and onto a clean countertop, and knead until it can form a smooth ball. As you can see, my fondant still looks a tad dry. I triple wrapped it in plastic wrap and let it rest for a bit, to let the moisture distribute throughout the dough. If you’ve ever made pasta before, it’s the same principle: the dough needs to rest before you can roll it out. I’m thinking that if I added shortening, I probably wouldn’t have to let it rest so long, but it’s not an ingredient that I really like to use a lot of.


Step 5: Knead in your color.

Knead in the color of your choice, and roll it on top of a clean counter with powdered sugar. If you use a liquid coloring agent, you may also want to knead in some more powdered sugar to keep it from being too moist.


Step 6: Go crazy!

Use your fondant the same way you would use any other rolled fondant, and relish in the fact that you didn’t have to buy that Wilton nonsense at Michaels! For the vegan chocolate cupcakes I went to AllRecipes, and for a tutorial on fondant flowers I went to Amanda’s Parties. Have fun!


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