Cake, Chocolate

Cake Orders and a Busy Week


As you can tell from my lack of posts lately, my week has been quite busy! I worked 6 days this week at the hotel, and it’s another 8 days until my next day off. Let me just say, thank god for California Law and overtime pay!


This cake is a mini (5-inch) red velvet cake that I made for my brother’s 30th birthday. No frills since it was just our family having dinner together, just clean and simple. Hopefully everyone enjoyed it!


This one is a cake that my cousin ordered with both Disney’s Pocahontas and Mulan theme. I’m a little annoyed that the letters ran together but she loved it nonetheless!


Inside are layers of vanilla sponge cake and milk chocolate chantilly. I tried to keep the decor minimal while still keeping the theme recognizable. With any cake geared toward children’s movies, it’s easy to go over the top with the details.


I feel pretty satisfied with how this cake came out, and I’m glad that it looks tasteful (i.e. not gaudy haha). My cousin just picked it up, so hopefully it will last the ride home! The next couple of weeks will be quite hectic, as Robert’s birthday is coming up, and after that is our anniversary! I’m looking forward to all the fun we’ll have, but not so much all the sleep I’ll lose, haha.


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