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First Knit of the Season


After seeing Frankie Hearts Fashion‘s white sequined sweater top, I knew I had to make one of my own. I loved the low-cut back and the cream color that kept it looking very classy.


I know it looks small, but this piece took almost an eternity to finish (okay, so closer to a month, but it felt like an eternity!). I modified this Berroco tank top pattern so that it uses smaller needles and so that the back is cut a few inches lower than the front, which is where most of the mishaps occurred, but nevertheless, I am thoroughly satisfied with this piece! Also, instead of sewing on sequins after I finished knitting it (because lord knows I don’t have another month to spare) I decided to use an ivory yarn that had just a touch of shimmer running through it.


I know that crop tops are probably best left for summer, but I think this makes a perfect pair with the vintage high-waisted pants I found at the thrift store, so I couldn’t be happier! Winter in SoCal doesn’t always call for a heavy sweater anyway, and this one provides a nice touch of warmth without being overbearing. So if you’re a knitter, definitely check out Berroco’s free pattern library, or if you’re just into fashion, take a look at frankieheartsfashion.


And here’s a sneak preview of my next knit; I still have a whiles to go, but the pattern is a bit simpler than the last one, so here’s hoping it’ll take me less time, haha. Happy knitting!


2 thoughts on “First Knit of the Season

    • Mariah, thank you for your comment! While I am still on the lookout, I am having some trouble finding my notes on this piece because I made it so long ago. If I find it, I will definitely give you a heads up! 🙂


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