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Wedded Bliss Part 2: The Invitations


Yesterday Robert and I finally sent out our wedding invitations, and we couldn’t be more excited. Robert’s mom kindly offered to make them for us, and we gladly accepted! I love the look of the craft paper with the doily and the type-writer key stamp; it really brings out the vintage/antique-y theme we were going for.


While I didn’t make the invitations myself, I decided I wanted to add a little bit of my touch to them so I took some of our engagement photos and arranged them neatly into a little 4×6 picture that I slipped into the envelop with the invites. I just got them copied through Costco and for 70 copies it only cost me 10 bucks!


Cute, right? Since I couldn’t find any envelop seals I liked, I just bought a fluted circle cutter and cut the shapes out of some pink damask scrapbook paper and glued them down. Overall we’re both really pleased by how the invitations turned out, and now all we have to do is wait for the RSVPs!


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