Cake, Chocolate

Late Post and Another Happy Birthday


Last week was my cousin Kelley’s birthday, so needless to say I made her a cake! This one is a marble cake with chocolate cremeu filling, italian buttercream, and marshmallow fondant.


I enrobed it in a pale yellow fondant and mixed together vodka and gel colors to paint the sides.


The goal was to make the cake slightly reminiscent of this stained glass jewelry box I got at a thrift store. Goal slightly accomplished, although it’s been a while since I’ve painted anything. Practice makes perfect, alright?


Poppies made from fondant and royal icing.

I’ve been thinking about taking cake orders a lot lately and it’s definitely a tempting idea. Right now I think I’m just going to do a few cakes for practice and see how it goes (my living situation kinda makes things more difficult; I need more fridge space!), so there will definitely be a few more cake posts in the coming weeks. Anywhoodle, have a happy birthday, Kelley, and I hope ya’ll have a good day! (:


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