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Happy Father’s Day! A Mini Step-By-Step Photo Tute


By some miracle (that I attribute to the pastry gods) I was actually given a Saturday off of work this weekend, allowing me to spend an (early) Father’s Day with my dad. Needless to say, this special occasion called for a cake! I got a lot of the inspiration for this cake from here.


I made 3 layers of vanilla white cake and in between i spread some caramel cremeu and chopped hazelnuts to fill it. After trimming the cake and doing a thin crumb coat, I did a final coat of buttercream all around. Making the buttercream as smooth as possible is crucial to the final product!


Enrobed in baby-blue marshmallow fondant, made by yours truly.


I forgot to take a picture between piping the royal icing and adding the collar, but this’ll do! For an easy royal icing, sift about a cup of powdered sugar and whisk together with a couple tablespoons of milk. Add more powdered sugar or milk accordingly to obtain the proper consistency (it should look like thick elmer’s glue). Put icing in a small piping bag and pipe thin stripes starting at the center of the cake and slowly bring it down the side of the cake. For the collar, I rolled out a strip of fondant about 3 inches wide, and used a rolling cutter to cut it on a curve. Cut the edges at an angle, gently fold in half lengthwise, curl into a u shape and bring the ends together.


Make yer tie! I rolled out a long strip of yellow fondant about 2 inches wide, and used a rolling cutter to get the right shape of the tie. For the knot I cut out a rectangle about 1 inch wide and wrapped it around the top end of the tie, lightly pinching it around the base. For both the collar and the tie, I didn’t need to use anything to hold them down to the cake as they were both heavy enough to stay put, but if you’re worried about it moving you can use any leftover royal icing you have as a glue.


Boxed up and ready to be delivered! I hope you guys enjoyed my tute and to all the daddies out there: have a happy Father’s Day!


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